Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to make a website?

The answer to this question depends on your company’s needs and the amount of difficulty that will be undertaken to complete the task. But we can give you a rough estimate for each of our pricing teirs.
-Basic – about 1 week
-Gold – about 2 weeks
-Platinum – about 2-3 weeks
-Ultimate – between
3-4 weeks and beyond, depending on the services you request

About how long will it take to build a Basic site?

It takes approximately one week to complete a basic website.

About how long will it take to build a Gold website?

It will take approxmately 2 weeks to complete a Gold Package website.

About how long will it take to build a Platinum website?

A Platinum site can take anywhere between 2 and 3 weeks, approximately.

What is a PWA?

A PWA is a “Progressive Web Application” and it can be more useful than a traditional app that you can download from Google Play and Apple Stores. They could be considered better because they can be downloaded directly from your website without the need of 3rd party stores.

How can I pay for a new site?

We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Checks, Cashiers Checks and of course Cash. This can be arranged on the phone conference between you and our representative.

What’s the Ultimate website package?

Site Crafters can turn your business websites into a downloadable app so you can compete with big businesses who paid millions to develop similar applications.

Does Site Crafters guarantee their work?

Yes. Site Crafters always guarantees that our work will be done to the best of our ability. If you’re not happy with our services we can choose to end an agreement at any time.

Have more questions for us?

Just contact us for any answers you need.