Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

Be Professional

Keep Track of Everything

Won’t Need A Calculator

Improve Client Experience

Generate Forms

Accept E-Signatures

What’s Customer Relationship Management?

Customer Relationship Managers (CRM) are used to manage a company’s interactions with clients. That’s why professional business owners use CRM systems to manage all of their transactions and contacts in one easy to use place. Whenever a company uses Customer Relationship Management Systems they will have the ability to quickly share information across departments and keep track of all project dates.

Good CRM Requires Customer Portals

So that your customers will always feel at ease, a good CRM will also provide a means for your customers to track the progress of their contracted jobs, view trasaction records and edit their contact information.

Quick Form Generation

Quotes and Invoices are a click away with our systems. We can generate preformatted quote templates that will automatically insert itemized pricing as well as your client’s legal information (Legal Name, Company Name, etc…) based on your saved contact information.

*Site Crafters Pro – Web Design is not responsible for providing legal contracts or forms. You must contact a law expert for those services and we can then use those forms to generate templates for you.


With our CRM systems you will be able to email easily generated quotes to your clients at the click of a button. When your client clicks the link and logs into your site, they will instantly have access to your quotes. Then, they can accept the quote by simply clicking a button (making it a legal agreement in most jurisdictions) .

Manage Your Contacts

Manage all of your contacts and transactions in one easy-to-use place. Stop using an address book to keep track of your company contacts. You can enter all of your contacts and simplify the invoicing process for everyone.

Great For Taxes

When April 18 rolls around, you’ll be glad you have all of your records in one place. Every transaction will be as itemized as you want it to be, and you will have electronic records of everything your company does. In the case of an audit, you will be protected on all fronts from any incompetence or mistakes that the IRS may make.

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